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Ebay'ed a game and the disc is scratched.. advice

So now the game disc for the Wii Fit is all scratched up and unreadable.

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Minor scratches should be a cinch to repair following the steps below.Whether it is from an accident or carelessness, video game discs seem to get scratched more often than not.

How to Fix a "perfect circle" scratch on an Xbox 360 game

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Fast: The Dual Disc repair machine can repair two discs at a time, up to 120 discs per hour, making it the fastest desktop disc repair machine in the world.

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It takes a professional machine like the one I use at Play it Again Disc Repair Disc Repair, Play it Again but some play and trades also offer the service to local customers.

Try cleaning the disc before you attempt to fix the scratch (or you might do work harm than is necessary).The only thing that seemed to make them work again was to play them in a PS3.

Most of us have scratched CDs with us and he teaches us a very simple way of cleaning these CDs.

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CD Recovery Toolbox was developed for recovering damaged files from different disk types: CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.If the scratch is on the top, shiny part of the disc, the disc is not repairable and all the data is lost.

One of the few genuinely useful things I learned during my time at GameStop is that almost any scratched game, no matter how bad it seems to be damaged, can usually be resurrected.

Does toothpaste help fix cracked/scratched game disc to

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Use ultra-fine sandpaper, buffing cloth and furniture polish to fix badly scratched PS3 games.

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Xbox consoles use a laser to gather data from the surface of your Xbox game discs.Having a scratched DVD, CD or game can be a real pain in the rear, and the wallet.Scratched discs can cause your favorite XBOX games to skip, distort, pixilate or freeze.Stores sell them pretty cheaply and they are a good place to keep DVDs, much better than the floor.

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