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BodySpec provides affordable medical-grade health and metabolic assessments to help you achieve your goals.

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We have served our local community as a medical practice for over a generation.The InBody body composition analyser measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand report.A wide variety of body scan fat measurement options are available to you, such as free samples.Body composition is the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in your body.

The bod pod overestimated body fat by an average of 6.79-6.84%, when compared to DEXA measurements.

Anyone can potentially derive value from the results of a Body Composition Scan.

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Sometimes doctors will give you another DXA scan result -- a Z score.The test involves taking a full x-ray of your body. Comments. There are many websites where.Your biggest take-aways from the scan: Learn how much water is in your body.Find nearby locations and pricing, to get you an on-the-spot assessment of your body composition.

The Fit3D body fat algorithm correlates with DXA body fat data.

Measuring body fat percentage: It's an accuracy thing

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Essential body fat Essential fat is necessary to maintain life and reproductive functions.

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A Dexa (DXA) scan allows you to analyze body composition in a breakdown of bone mass, fat tissue, and muscle mass creating a powerful feedback loop.

Gabrielle gets her body fat % tested with a full body scan with DEXA.

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