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The handled cast-iron ball is swung, not lifted, requiring total-body engagement and providing a one-two punch of cardio and strength.

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Kettlebell Kickboxing has grown from one of the most popular, sold-out classes in NYC to a world class home fitness and instructor community.So of course I swapped the dress for workout gear and went to jump on the elliptical.Best Workouts for Weight Loss From trying new tools at the gym (hello, kettlebell ) to switching up your entire style, changing it up could be good for your body.

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Our home fitness workout community is 120k and growing daily.

The High-Energy Cardio Kickboxing Workout You Can Do at Home.The Canadian region is host to some of the very best and most comprehensive instructor certifications in both kettlebells and the Kettlebell Kickboxing trademark brand system.

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The school redefines the body by combining the sleek and deadly motions of Muay Thai with the power and strength of Russian kettlebell training in a non-impact 60 minute total body scorching.But you also only have one life—why waste more of it than you need to at the gym.

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Proper roundhouse kicks require power, timing, and coordination.

The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness, where I am the fitness director, is proud to offer a discounted Kettlebell Kickboxing certification class to be held at The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness on Sunday, September 24 th from 10am-4pm.The fierce matchup will catapult you into a calorie-zapping frenzy—300 in 22 minutes.Learn everything you need to look and feel the way you always wanted: strong, confident, agile, pain-free, and sexy.To avoid the bodybuilder trap of becoming slow, tight and inflexible, it is vital to work through a full range of motion keeping the reps low, the rest periods long and lifts as explosive as possible.

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To connect with Kettlebell Kickboxing Boulder, join Facebook today.

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Ballistic (explosive) swinging movements along with momentum or more traditional press and squat exercises will increase your strength and also elevate your heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.

Kettlebell Kickboxing For Women Weight -

Muay Thai is a style of kickboxing that originated in Thailand.Add in strength training and yoga and you have a perfect class.

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But you also only have one life why waste more of it than you need to at the gym.Why not combine the two and make a workout that has the best of both worlds.

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Organized by the body part targeted, Kettlebell Kickboxing features hundreds of step-by-step photos and workout routines for four-week fitness plans, lifelong exercise goals, and fifteen-minute high-intensity interval training.Dasha introduces readers to kettlebell and martial arts techniques and teaches.

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